Have a problem that requires immediate attention?


A repair is an emergency where you consider that there is a danger to life, limb or property.


Examples of emergency repairs include:
  • Burst pipes or water leaks causing flooding.
  • Dangerous electrical faults.
  • Doors not locking.
  • Smashed windows.
  • No cold water supply.
  • No electrical supply.
  • Blocked toilet.


If you have any problems detailed above, we would request you report this to our office on 01414239666 or via our online repair section.


Should the problem be outwith office hours, please contact senior management via whatsapp or email.









If you are unsuccessful reaching any of the above management, you will find emergency telephone numbers for contractors we regularly use.


NOTE – You must advise the contractor you are a tenant of M&P and have an emergency.


If for any reason our contractor attends your property and the problem is deemed not an emergency, you will be liable for the call out charge.
Heating & Plumbing
SR Contractors
Safdar 07800889353



S.Thomson Plumbing & Heating
Stevie 07962874084


Lights & Electrical
Hannah Electrics
Jim  07799138266


Joinery & Locks
T&D All Trades
Tam 07779919023


Windows & Doors
Kingspark Glazing
Jim 07970755313


LKC Locksmiths
Alex 07590 573 733